Thursday, June 28, 2012

Philippine Badminton Association's National Juniors Tryouts from June 19 - 27, 2012

"The Philippine Badminton Association (PBA) has shortlisted the participants based on recent tournament performances in the PSC-PNG, Pbars and the Ming Ramos Cup and general evaluation by the selection panel. Players from the provinces were included.

Badminton Hall, RMSC, Manila - PBA National Juniors Try-outs ended last June 26, 2012. Coach Rexy wishes to congratulate all the athletes who went through the week-long practice and try-out games and hopes they have learned from their experience. He would also like to express his gratitude to all participants and the parents for their support and encouragement. Coach Rexy will be expecting some of the junior athletes to be back soon at the Badminton Hall as members of the Philippine National Juniors team." - Badmintonation

Congratulations to the Chosen Ones! Make our country proud =)

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